Anets, 18E GoldenFry, 75-100LB 2 Commercial Battery Gas Deep Fryer W/ Station

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Standard Features
-Stainless steel front panel, trim and door
-Tube type design assures maximum heat transfer in the 18 wide frypot
-Unique shape of tubes allows access to cold zone for easy cleaning
-Burner tubes are equipped with special heat baffles for fast recovery and energy efficiency
-Recessed Lexan faced control panel protects controls from damage
-Stainless steel basket hangers lift off for easy cleaning and access to the backsplash
-Dual shortening levels (70 to 100 lbs)for varying cooking capacities

Model: 18E, 18 Gas fryer
Certification: UL, NSF
BTUH: 150,000
Gas Pressure: NG 3.5 WC, LP 10 WC
Gas Connection: 3/4 NPT Electrical Requirements: 18E, 120V, 2 Amps
Thermostat: Electric snap action type
Temperature Range: 200 to 375F, (93-191C)
Burners: Atmospheric pre-mix
Hi-Limit: Safety control turns off main gas supply at 440F (227C)
Safety Pilot: 100% gas shut off valve
Spark Ignitor: Piezo electric
Frypot: Stainless steel
Cabinet: All Stainless Steel construction, excluding rear and bottom braces
Shortening Capacity: 70 - 100 lbs
Cooking Capacity: 75 lbs. of chicken per hour; 110 lbs. of fries per hour
Fry Area: 18 x 18 (46 x 46cm)