Anets GoldenFry™ 18EG Commercial Gas Fryer

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Standard Features
Equipped with a gas operated thermostat, this model meets all the requirements necessary to cook large batches of fish, chicken, appetizers, and french fries. The exclusive tube design provides fast recovery, minimizes cleanup time, and maximizes heat transfer. The elliptical shape of the tubes eliminates sedimentation on tubes, improves shortening life and minimizes the number of times you have to drain fryer. The stainless steel tubes accommodate 150,000 BTUH burners and feature computer designed radiants for the best performance and recovery.

-Stainless steel front panel, trim, and door
-Tube type design assures maximum heat transfer in the 18" wide frypot
-Unique shape of tubes allows access to cold zone for easy cleaning
-Burner tubes are equipped with computer designed radiants for fast recovery and energy efficiency
-Dual shortening levels (70 to 100 lbs) for varying cooking capacities
-Recessed Lexan faced control panel protects controls from damage
-Stainless steel basket hanger lifts off for easy cleaning and access to the backsplash
-No electrical hook-up required

Gas Type: Natural.
Total BTU/Hr: 150,000.
Temperature Range: 200° to 375°F.
Shortening Capacity: 70 lbs. - 100 lbs.
Cooking Capacity: 75 lbs. of chicken per hour; 110 lbs. of fries per hour.
Dimensions: 19 1/2"W x 35"D x 45 1/2"H.
Frying Area: 18" x 18".